June 1, 2016

How microsites increase sales

Selling More is the goal of any marketing activity.  Website marketing is no different.  If you would like to increase your online sales you can do so with microsites.  WEBv5.com creates microsites for companies interested in building their online sales, sales leads, or qualified leads.  Chad Currin, owner of WEBv5.com says microsites are different than normal websites and definately much different than landing pages. 

Landing pages are designed to “trick” search engines into thinking a webpage is more “relevant” than others by loading it with keywords.   Microsites are different because while they certainly drive traffic they do it by breaking a business down in small, niche markets and looking for “pockets” of potential customers, clients, or sales.

One client, Uncle Sams Candy sells a ton of products from their online store.  Two of their best selling products in their Schenectady, NY store are just average sellers online.  So we at WEBv5.com analyzed the products, the keyword reports from Google   and built microsites around specific products.  For example, their Almond Butter Crunch is world famous but was lost on their site so we created FamousButterCrunch.com and UncleSamsFudge.com.  We studied what targeted groups of people are looking for, did our research, some creative writing and built a site designed microsites to drive more sales.

The key to building great microsites is understanding the rules Google places on searches, doing our research with proprietary tools and then building microsites that increase sales.  Sell More With Microsites!

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Chad Currin – chad@webv5.com – 518-542-7959

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