May 26, 2016

Microsite Strategy: Fancy or Simple?

I know some people who want everything reduced to a one word, black-and-white answer.  I always wish I had one. 

Should microsites be fancy or simple? 

The simplest answer is that it depends on your business model and what you want this microsite, or network of microsites, to do.  There is no right answer in a vacuum.

If you are a Real Estate Agent creating a microsite for a single property you want it to reflect the image you want to present to potential buyers.  Real Estate Agents also can’t spend $3000 to sell a property with a commission of five thousand.

 If you are a car dealer creating a microsite to announce a specific high-end car model that has some good hype you will need a much different site than if you are say, me, looking to have discussions with people about how microsites might work for their business.  People who come to my site don’t want a bunch of fancy stuff, they want information. Many of my sites are mostly informational and should be otherwise very simple.  The full answer is the same as always…you need to know your proposed client and give your potential client at least what they are expecting.

The nice thing about microsites is that you are going after a very small niche and so targeting your message and you “big ask” is a lot easier than it is with broadcast marketing where you need a message that appeals to the masses, with microsites you need a message that appeals only to your specific target group.

Before you can answer the question of whether your microsite should be fancy or simple you need to ask and answer the following questions.

Who are you trying to reach? – Who is your target demographic?

What message are you trying to reach them with?  - What is your pitch?

What is the call to action?

Are you trying to stimulate “pain” or “pleasure”?

Once you can answer those questions you can start to decide if you need a fancy microsite based on toys, tricks, audio, video, cutting-edge design OR if you need a microsite based on information.

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Chad Currin, Proprietor, a WordPress website development company and microsite expert.

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